We specialize in short-term, wellness based counseling to help you find hope and healing and to live your best life...wellness for your mind, body, and soul! 

We offer counseling for children, adolescents, families, couples, and individuals! 


Coaching is a tool for an individual to gain clarity, direction, and support while moving past barriers caused by fear, anxiety, confusion, toxic thoughts, and uncertainty as they transition to the next stage in their life. A coach helps you create new habits that lead to accomplishing your desired goals. Beginning with mindset, long-term results can be found through coaching. By identifying your desired goals in life, career, relationships, and health, a life coach can support you by creating a personalized road map to get there. At Soul Space, working with a coach enables you to take control of your life by taking action to steer it toward your goals.



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*Due to COVID stay-at-home practices all services are currently provided online​


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