About Dawn...

From a young age, I have been captivated by human behavior and the life stories we navigate. My own upbringing was less than desirable and it caused me to look outside my family dynamic to observe how other relationships functioned. My life was positively impacted by the support of others in my community.  Their investment in me changed my trajectory and set me on a course for choosing the life story I wanted to create.


Every stage of my adult journey has been centered around youth. While pursuing my undergraduate degree in religious education and psychology, I served as a youth minister. After earning my Master of Arts in Teaching, I went into middle school teaching learning the ropes of an educational institution. Though an educator at heart, I felt I couldn’t reach all the students beyond my classroom, so I pursued a Master of Education in School Counseling to provide intervention supports in a school setting.


The majority of my professional experience includes student work dealing with a variety of challenges including anxiety, trauma, life transitions, family dynamics, depression, self-harm, academic concerns, gender and sexual identity, and grief. To provide therapeutic support utilizing the strengths and goals of the client, I use CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) and Solution-Focused Brief Therapy (SBFT) in my approach as a therapist. I am board certified as a counselor (NCC) as well as a Licensed Associate Counselor working towards full licensure under the supervision of a clinical supervisor. My skill set includes working with students five years and up, but I am available to adults and families at any stage of need. I am well-versed in restorative practices, leading small groups, and teaching on special topics relating to childhood development and parenting strategies.


I believe in the power of an advocate, listener, and encourager. I believe there is comfort in knowing we don’t have to walk our journeys alone. We are created for a purpose, and with support and education, we can choose to heal and ultimately, thrive.


Are you ready?


...To partner with someone because you need hope?  

...To share your story because you are in need of healing?

...To learn tools to help you thrive?

...Do you have a child that is in some type of crisis?

...Do you need a safe space for change?


I am here, I am listening, and I am ready to support you.  Appointments available beginning in January, and I will be serving at the main office on Kolb. Step out, take your next step, and let’s partner together for your healing! 

*Due to COVID stay-at-home practices all services are currently provided online​


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